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    Berman-Wulf emails: The Super Bowl rematch has arrived

    Zach Berman & Bo Wulf Avatar
    November 20, 2023

    Zach Berman and Bo Wulf trade emails each week previewing the Eagles’ upcoming game. Here is the transcript:

    Berman: Bo,

    Eagles-Chiefs, primetime, the two best teams in the NFL. Can't beat this. Both teams had ample time to prepare, meaning Andy Reid's post-bye week prowess will be tested again Nick Sirianni's self-scouting and attention to every detail. (Plus, despite what they're saying this week, I imagine this game is personal?)

    The injury news is good for the Eagles. Cam Jurgens is back at right guard. Bradley Roby will return to the slot. Grant Calcaterra will be active as a reserve tight end. The only players absent are Dallas Goedert, Justin Evans, and now Derek B...

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