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    Eagles Esoterica: Kevin Byard remembers the 20 QBs he's picked off

    Bo Wulf Avatar
    November 1, 2023

    Here’s your leaderboard for career interceptions for current Eagles:

    1(t). Kevin Byard and Darius Slay – 28

    3. James Bradberry – 18

    4. Bradley Roby – 11

    5(t). Justin Evans and Avonte Maddox – 4

    7(t). Reed Blankenship and Nicholas Morrow – 3

    9. Josiah Scott – 2

    10(t). Zach Cunningham and Josh Sweat – 1

    Kevin Byard: OK, what you got?

    Bo Wulf: OK, so I know your head is spinning right now. But I have the list of all the quarterbacks you’ve intercepted.

    Byard: (Chuckles)

    Wulf: You’ve got 28 picks, including the playoffs, 20 quarterbacks. I wanna know how many you can name of the 20.

    Byard: How many?

    Wulf: Yeah.

    Byard: Pssh.

    Wulf: Remember the first?

    Byard: The first? Deshaun Watson (1).

    Wulf: That’s right.

    Byard: So I got Deshaun. Josh Allen (2).

    Wulf: You got him a couple times.

    Byard: Lamar (Jackson) (3).

    Wulf: Lamar in the playoffs.

    Byard: Derek Carr (4).

    Wulf: Derek Carr.

    Byard: Baker Mayfield (5).

    Wulf: That’s right.

    Byard: Let me think. Hold on. Just give me a second. Uh –

    Wulf: Does –

    Byard: Jacoby Brissett (6)!

    Wulf: Jacoby Brissett, that’s right.

    Byard: Carson Wentz (7).

    Wulf: Carson Wentz.

    Byard: Trying to go through my division right now.

    Wulf: OK.

    Byard: Trevor Lawrence (8).

    Wulf: That’s right.

    Byard: Blake Bortles (9).

    Wulf: That’s right. Twice.

    Byard: Yeah, I definitely got him twice.

    Wulf: Same game.

    Byard: Umm. Dang. I don’t –

    Wulf: There’s a guy you got four times. He’s the one you’ve got the most. You got him on two different teams.

    Byard: Dak (Prescott) (10), of course.

    Wulf: Three times total.

    Byard: I got Dak. You said I got this guy four times on two different teams?

    Wulf: Yeah.

    Byard: Hold on, hold on. Don’t say nothin’. Four times, on two different teams. Uhh–

    Wulf: Three different games too.

    Byard: Damn, I’m having a brain fart right now. Who is it?

    Wulf: (Joe) Flacco (11).

    Byard: Why didn’t I think of Flacco? I definitely got him a few times.

    Wulf: OK.

    Byard: There was a quarterback in, hold on, was that? Was that A.J. McCarron (12)?

    Wulf: (Laughs) A.J. McCarron! That’s a good pull.

    Byard: A.J. McCarron. I remember that one.

    Wulf: Division game.

    Byard: That’s why I remember, it was a division game. Eli Manning (13).

    Wulf: Yup. That was a good one to get before he goes.

    Byard: Umm. So, Eli. I got, um, Josh Johnson (14)!

    Wulf: (Laughs) That’s a good one. You’ve gotten everyone else in the NFC East besides the Eagles, so that’s good.

    Byard: Yeah. That’s crazy. Dang, let me think. Think of some more, think of some more, think of some more.

    Wulf: How about – this is interesting. You’ve got 28 picks but only one touchdown. What’s up with that?

    Byard: I don’t know, man. I guess I ain’t got no ball skills, er, return skills. It’s funny because I had like four pick-sixes in college.

    Wulf: And do you know who the touchdown was against? You haven’t gotten that one yet.

    Byard: Yeah, pssh. Matt Stafford (15). Matthew Stafford.

    Wulf: That’s right.

    Byard: OK, keep going, keep going.

    Wulf: You’re almost there.

    Byard: How many am I missing?

    Wulf: I think you’ve got five left.

    Byard: Five left?

    Wulf: So, guy from last year, I don’t wanna give it away. Young guy, big arm.

    Byard: ‘Bout to say I know I got Derek Carr that year. I got Dak twice. Um. Damn, I can’t think. Umm –

    Wulf: How about if we go all the way back to a game from your second year, you got three in the same game but two different quarterbacks.

    Byard: That was, um, (snaps fingers twice) (Cody) Kessler (16) –

    Wulf: Yup! (Chuckles)

    Byard: And, it was, uh, Kizer! DeShone Kizer (17).

    Wulf: Yes! You got that.

    Byard: I’m trying to think of last year. Why the hell I can’t think of this pick from last year? Hold on. Derek Carr. Why am I having a brain fart right now?

    Wulf: Uh, west coast team.

    Byard: It was … Oh! Uh, Justin Herbert! Justin Herbert (18).

    Wulf: Yes.

    Byard: Justin Herbert.

    Wulf: OK, and then the last two. Twenty-twenty-one, September, you lost this game.

    Byard: You said, Kyler Murray (19).

    Wulf: Yup!

    Byard: Um.

    Wulf: And then the very last one is end of the 2020 season, this was your only one that year.

    Byard: Oh, uh, Matt, Matt, (snaps fingers), uh, Chase Daniel (20)!

    Wulf: Yes! Wow, that’s pretty good.

    Byard: I got ’em, but it was just kinda like –

    Wulf: Do you have a favorite?

    Byard: Favorite? I feel like you’re trying to bait me into saying something.

    Wulf: No, not at all! I’m impressed, you got ’em all.

    Byard: I wanna say Dak, because obviously my first memorable pick in primetime, 2018. I kinda took it to the Star, got fined for that and coach didn’t like that at all.

    Wulf: OK.

    Byard: But it was worth it. And I got him twice last year.

    Wulf: I mean, it made everybody here love you already.

    Byard: Exactly, so.

    Wulf: That was a long-term play.

    Byard: Yeah, I’m gonna feed that one to the reporters.

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