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    Flyers Diehard Mailbag: Finding a 1C, preferred trade deadline approaches, and the Tyson Foerster debate

    Charlie O'Connor Avatar
    January 29, 2024

    Finally, it's time for the Diehard portion of January's Flyers Mailbag.

    These are all questions asked by our Diehard members, via our Discord community. If you're a Diehard and not in the Discord, come and join us!

    Chris Perkins: If the top need for the Flyers moving forward is a young #1 C, how do they realistically acquire one assuming they're not going to have a top-5 pick anytime soon? How have other teams acquired one in the past?

    To answer this question, I went through every team in the NHL to determine two things:

    Do they have a player I consider to be a true 1C?

    If so, how did they acquire him?

    11 teams don't check the box on the first question for me, though m...

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