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    The Flyers' dismal power play: What's working, what isn't but could, and what will never

    Charlie O'Connor Avatar
    November 9, 2023

    Give John Tortorella and the Philadelphia Flyers at least this much credit when it comes to their flailing power play: they're not running from the criticism that it's rightfully receiving.

    "You have a perfect right to ask the question and pick (the power play) apart, because it has not been good," Tortorella admitted to the traveling media on Monday in San Jose.

    Assistant coach Rocky Thompson -- who manages the power play -- has justifiably been under fire due to his unit's poor results through 13 games. That's what happens when your power play is operating at 7.3 percent, and has gone 0 for its last 19 opportunities. They haven't scored since October 28 against the Anaheim Ducks, an...

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